Puke 2 Earn NFT Collection

Blue chip NFTs on Ethereum & Sui
that will help you to go beyond expectations!

WL addresses will be able to mint NFTs with less competition

Real Benefits for Holders
The Best Way to Enter New Sui Blockchain

Blue chip Ethereum NFTs

The first mint will be on Ethereum
blockchain because we don't want
you to miss the biggest market yet

Sui NFT collection

All holders will be able to claim
duplicated NFTs on Sui blockchain
as soon as Sui launches on mainnet

Puke 2 Earn game on Sui

We will launch the first P2E
game on Sui blockchain with
revolutionary cashflow mechanics

In-game benefits for
NFT holders

All Sui NFT collection holders will be
able to claim in-game Puke 2 Earn
NFTs on Sui and start playing

New blockchains
& new benefits

We will add support for other blockchains
that will bring more rewards for strong holders

Why Puke 2 Earn?

Blue chip NFTs on Ethereum

New opportunitites on Sui blockchain

What people are saying about Puke 2 Earn?

Honey Badger
Honey Badger@ibrahim13159227
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The best is @Puke2Earn . Because he is innovative and his team is excellent. I wear glasses, but even when I don't have glasses, it is very clear that @Puke2Earn is the best :D
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This project looks genuinely spectacular 😲 I'm just going to have some of them sooner or later 👌
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Why do I have to stop puke if the puke can earn me a living. Puke to Earn gonna be a breakthrough utility NFT not just your ordinary PFP for your CT Profile. Innovative Artwork meets Function to Puke.
chilcrypto.nft 🛸
chilcrypto.nft 🛸@ChilCrypto
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P2E is very popular which incentivizes players. for me a game lover/ P2E, Puke2Earn is the first game to stand on SUI network, I also want to play this game for the first time. I hope I am given the opportunity to get a place here.
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When preparedness and ingenuity meets technology, moon is not negotiable...I can't wait to get immersed🎮.
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To be factual, this is one of the best NFT project that I have ever come across. Aside from it's uniqueness, it's astonished and very attractive to all and this is inevitable to be the talk of the universe soon.

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The best way is to get WL spot for the upcoming mint on Ethereum blockchain

WL addresses will be able to mint NFTs with less competition